San Acacio Seed Red Variety Seed Potatoes

The red variety grown by San Acacio Seed, LLC is a medium maturing fresh market round shaped table variety and known best for its ability to hold a deep red color in storage.

The variety featured for sale is Red Modoc.

Red Modoc

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Modoc Red Seed Potatoes from San Acacio Seed
Source Norikaxx
Vine Vigorxx Good - 45 Days of 100% Canopy
Tolerance to heat/Verticillium early die Performs well with consistent water applications.
Tolerance to Frost/Hail Medium to Good Recovery Potential
Tubers Per Plant 10 to 12 Tubers Per Plant
Adapted Soils Performs well in Medium Soils/Sandy Soils
Nitrogen Unit goals for 450 Cwt. average yield goal 120 Lbs.
Total Nitrogen Need Extremely Low 80 to 120 Lbs.
Planter N 50 Lbs. Approx.
Side Dress N
Nitrogate N 30-70 Lbs.
Commercial Seed Spacing 11-12 Inches
Roots-Primary Root Mass Strong Root Vigor- Aggressive in rescuing available N
Average Maturity Days 95-110 Days
Average Yield Cwt. 450 + with 120 lbs. of N
Storability Very Good - Medium to Long Term Storability. Sprout Nip at 4 weeks in storage.

*These are basic characteristics and each growing area and growing program is different. Adjustments for your individual purpose and program must be made dependent on local conditions.

*Information sourced from Charles Higgins, Agronomist

*Please contact San Acacio Seed, LLC for seed availability or questions.



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